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“I Hate Politics!”

“I hate politics!” I was hired to groom Danielle for a promotion. Less than a week after our first coaching session, the head of her...more

A Breakdown of Listening

Crossing the conversational bridge Sergei had told me he wanted our coaching to be a one-man seminar on communication skills. We’d already talked about in...more

A Difficult Conversation

An inquiry via email In response to last month’s Executive Coaching Tip, I got the following email from a guy named Guy: My boss constantly...more

Accessing Your Best Thinking

Richard had been CFO at a defense contracting company for four years when I met him. He was technically gifted, maintained strong relationships and was...more

Achieving Authenticity

Feeling phony Jessie’s boss wanted her to be more bold. Jessie wanted that, too. During one of our first conversations, she said, “One thing I’ve...more

Act “As If”

Behaviors create “style” When Lawrence was passed over for promotion to vice-president, the feedback was clear: his expertise was top-notch; his executive presence was not....more

Act with Intention

Stan didn’t intend to be intimidating. But I didn’t know that when I received a call from his secretary asking me for an hour-long meeting....more

Acting on the Corporate Stage

What role are you playing? Miranda was a well-known creative artist when a global entertainment company hired her as a creative director. Her transition from...more

Answer What’s Asked

Are your answers too long for your listeners? As head of pediatrics for a major metropolitan hospital, Robert believed fiercely in being precise with his...more

Answering Essay Questions

Essay questions are a trap In the Executive Coaching Tip “Sorting & Labeling,” you read about Joseph. Like many technical experts, he struggles to give...more

Ask for What You Want

Arianna and I had been working together for four months when a terrific opportunity opened up: her company was creating a cross-functional team to develop...more

Assertion Versus Aggression

Invisibility only works in sci-fi “Does she even know how smart she is? She really needs to start speaking up so we can get the...more

Assume Equality

Vickie’s boss was eager to promote her. But because she performed poorly in front of senior leaders, her boss knew the review committee wouldn’t approve...more

Be Impeccable with Your Word

Trust erodes by over-promising At the end of our second session, Sharon told me she’d have her assistant call me to schedule our next appointment....more

Becoming More Expressive

Randall looked like a Marine recruiting poster. In his forties, he still had the firm body that had made him a high school football star....more

Being Concise

Todd, Chief Information Officer at an international food distributor, had coaching goals that were absolutely clear. His boss, Richard, the CEO, said plainly, “Get him...more

Building Emotional Intelligence

The vocabulary of emotions Jen coordinated large-scale events for her consumer products company. Twice a year she was responsible for putting on events for more...more

Building Empathy

Bested by her junior Jillian was frustrated. “I should be able to handle her better by now,” she groused. “I’ve been dealing with Doris since...more

Building Rapport

A grave mismatch of styles Marlena, an experienced entertainment executive, was definitely not getting the results she wanted. She’d been put in charge of a...more

Building Trust

A client recently asked if I knew any consultants with a particular expertise. A woman named Jenette leapt to mind. She was a perfect match....more

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