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Your Workspace as Calling Card

I was invited to wait for the CFO in her office. The goal of my coaching, according to the newly installed CEO, was to "warm...more

Your Team’s Best Interests – Part Two

"People quit their bosses." After two of Brendan's direct reports transferred to other divisions and another left the company, I became concerned that Brendan might...more

Your Goodwill Bank Account

A young exec in trouble I hadn’t heard from Caroline since her coaching ended several years before. I had loved coaching Caroline. Her high self-esteem...more

Women as Powerful Communicators

  We all need powerful mentors. Dr. Lois Frankel is one of mine. I often provide clients with her international bestseller, Nice Girls Don't Get...more

Who’s Coachable?

On a recent conference call, a division president and vice-president were considering whether coaching would help a senior employee named Martin who repeatedly mangled his...more

What Compelling Speakers Share

The two qualities all compelling speakers share During a recent presentation skills training, the participants received a lesson I couldn’t have scripted. A young business...more

Upward Feedback

Give feedback upward? Or not? Sergei openly admired his boss, Alicia. So he really grabbed my attention the day he asked how he could give...more

Unmasking a Stand-In

Hijacked by rage Over a two-year span, Scott had four hostile, explosive outbursts. After the last one, which happened during his own staff meeting, he...more

Under Executive Questioning

The danger in questions Carla, Nathan and Lester were part of a leadership development cohort. These three high-potential employees, who had never worked together before,...more

Turn Values into Behavior

Values that don’t add value Anil began managing a team whose reputation for customer service was pretty poor. The team’s primary responsibility was creating complex...more

Three Words You Should Never Say

You should never say this Vince is a passionate guy who believes good relationships are the key to getting things done. In private, Vince expressed...more

Thinking Errors

“She should have known better…” Jodi was a people-centered leader. Her values drove her decisions. Depending on the situation, her values might align with the...more

The Well-Balanced Executive

Merciless executioner No one was neutral about Cary. In a global company that often moved slowly, Cary got stuff done. The chief executives to whom...more

The Voice of Authority

Authority and need Sandra was worried about her authority. As an individual contributor she’d been a standout; now she was going to lead a team,...more

The Power of Rehearsal

Rehearsal rescues a downward slide The division’s executive vice-president demands high performance from anyone presenting in front of him. If you’re at the director level...more

The Power of PowerPoint

The mixed blessing of PowerPoint Toward the middle of our coaching engagement, Adrienne earned the rare opportunity to present her group's achievements to the CEO's...more

The Narcissistic Executive

Battling uphill Sean was battling his boss. And he was losing the war. The first person to talk to me about Sean was Ronit, the...more

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