Essential Communications’ team has delivered thousands of hours of executive coaching. We’ve developed a unique ability to build trust, achieve goals and create long-lasting change through challenging one-on-one dialogue.

Our 3 Core Beliefs About Coaching

WE BELIEVE our clients have achieved their current success through their innate strengths. We never seek to replace our clients’ strengths. Rather, we help them develop complementary skills that will keep those strengths from becoming liabilities.

WE BELIEVE our clients are doing their best—if they could do better, they would. For some reason, our clients are missing certain skills. Those skills will remain beyond their grasp if they continue to rely solely on their own resources. Coaching can help.

WE BELIEVE coaching cannot change anyone’s basic character or personality. We establish realistic, achievable goals for each coaching engagement. We aim to change behaviors, not a person’s nature.

What people say about Essential Communications Executive Coaching:

I’ve had various coaches in the past, but the relationship and outcome of my work with Tom stands out as a highlight of my career.

Jodi Schilling
V.P., Printing & Personal Systems   |   HP