Executive Writing Skills Coaching

This workshop offers each participant a chance to improve writing skills, focusing on individual strengths and goals.

By the end of the one-day course, participants will…

  • Write a document that’s already on their To Do lists

  • Know how to reduce e-mail Ping Pong

  • Use business correspondence more strategically

  • Know how to stay out of court over an e-mail

Specific skills include:

  • Overcoming the “blank screen”

  • Writing business documents that make sense when read only once

  • Organizing documents for maximum clarity and impact

Maximum participants: 20
Private follow-up coaching available to individuals
ONE GROUP DAY with recommended Coaching Component (confidential e-coaching for several months, tracking each document against the writer’s personal objectives)*

Delivered by:
Nancy Breuer

*Coaching Components are additional days during which each participant receives a private follow-up coaching session.

What people say about Essential Communications Training:

I earned a promotion within one year of attending Tom Henschel’s Presentation Skills Coaching class. I attribute much of my achievement to the systematic application of skills I learned from Tom.

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Torrance, CA