7 Ways to manage how people perceive you in the workplace

In His Highly Entertaining Style, Tom Henschel weaves together stories from his life as an actor with stories from his work as an executive coach. He inspires people to imagine how they want to be perceived, then gives them seven concrete ways to achieve their goal. Participants leave "Acting on the Corporate Stage" with practical tools to help them make positive impressions as they stride the corporate stage.

“Acting on the Corporate Stage” is available in 60, 90, and 120 minute formats. Compatible trainings and workshops also available.

The Audience Knows Everything Boeing, Leadership Summit

The Audience Knows Everything Boeing, Leadership Summit

The Premise Laing Luxury Homes, Leadership Offsite

Assume Equality Laing Luxury Homes, Leadership Offsite

What people say about Essential Communications Keynotes:

It was great to see how you engaged people. They didn’t want to stop. We’re good at engaging our people but this was special.

Lori Hefflefinger
Program Chair, Professional Coaches, Mentors & Advisors, Los Angeles Chapter