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The Sound of Leadership and of Management

How management and leadership sound different from each other.

Barking management

Reiko and I were exploring the differences between leadership and management. During our conversation, she had wondered whether the two actually sound different.

I said to her, “You seem pretty comfortable in both camps, Reiko. Does your version of leadership sound different from your version of management?” More

Leadership versus Management

Exploring the differences between leadership and management

Which is which?

Reiko had leapfrogged her colleagues. Now, while still leading her large group of accountants, she was going to become the CFO of a division as well. Her boss, a huge supporter, got her coaching so she could step boldly into her new role while still juggling the old one. More

The Conflict Conversation

What to say when you find yourself in a difficult conversation

‘Conflict House’

Ashley wanted coaching on how to argue.

I had told her about a concept I call “Conflict House,” a place where people with conflicts have to go if they want to resolve their conflicts. Whether an argument is large or small, whether it goes well or is a disaster, every conflict happens inside Conflict House. More


Tools to help difficult conversations become productive

A house with two doors

Ashley was fed up with two of her direct reports. A bubble of anger between the pair seemed in constant danger of exploding. Their conflict had impacted productivity and quality, and she wanted it to end.

I asked how each direct report approached conflict. More

Dynamic One-on-Ones

Best practices to sharpen your one-on-ones no matter what your style.

Balancing tasks and relationships

Bennett was a Brit working in Kuwait. He was enjoying living overseas and found the work to be a healthy stretch. He led a team of four and reported to a guy named Sabah who Bennett said was terrific.

During our video-link coaching conversations, Bennett and I had spent a lot of time discussing trust. He was concerned that, because he was a foreigner, certain bridges were closed off to him and others were completely hidden. He was eager to deepen the trust with his boss and his direct reports. More

Acting on the Corporate Stage

How to write the role of your career with intention.

What role are you playing?

Miranda was a well-known creative artist when a global entertainment company hired her as a creative director. Her transition from artist to executive had been received with warm, if not full-throated, reviews. More

Performing Like a TED Talker

How to get in focus and grab attention.

Body issues

Caroline, in London, wanted to know what to do with her body.

Caroline was one of eight division heads who would speak at the company’s annual global management meeting. The CEO told them they each would talk for eighteen minutes – just like a TED Talk. And, she said, she wanted each talk to be as riveting as an actual TED Talk. More

Prepping Like A TED Talker

Of course you have to rehearse your presentations. But how?

Committing time

Dorothy was two years into her role as CEO of a global business services company. She wanted this year’s global management meeting to be engaging and lively. She told her division heads they all needed to talk about their divisions as if they were giving TED Talks. Each person’s eighteen minutes needed to be riveting, she told them. More

Short Sounds Confident

Tips to master one of the key behaviors of The Look & Sound of Leadership

Changing your broadcast channel

Kevin was proud of having been an engineer. Now that he was a corporate vice-president, he saw his technical background as a major asset. His colleagues disagreed.

“Shut him up!” someone wrote in the feedback report I’d created for him. While that was the bluntest comment in the report, it was not unusual. People desperately wanted Kevin to talk shorter. More

Bonus Episode

Readers’ Letters #2

Tom exchanges emails with two listeners. One exchange addresses issues of personal boundaries in the workplace; the other addresses scarcity and abundance. More

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