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Inhabiting Executive Presence

Getting to the next level of executive presence usually demands the adoption of new behaviors

Inhabiting new behaviors

Jenna was not pleased. She’d been expecting a promotion to vice-president but the committee said she didn’t feel like a VP yet. The committee, recognizing Jenna as a rising star, said they would promote her … as soon as she developed more executive presence. More

Combating Emotional Hijacks

How to keep the executive functioning part of your brain online when your emotions try to hijack you.

Consequences of a hijacking

Kimberly lowered her eyes and spoke quietly. “I didn’t like myself very much at that point.”

I said nothing.

“The minute I got back to my office, I knew I shouldn’t have said what I said. I can’t believe I thought, even for a minute, that Max didn’t have my best interest at heart. Of course he did. He always does.” She shook her head slowly and blew out a big breath. More

Under Executive Questioning

Facing an executive team — even a friendly one! — can be daunting. Here are Tips to help you excel.

The danger in questions

Carla, Nathan and Lester were part of a leadership development cohort. These three high-potential employees, who had never worked together before, had to co-manage a joint project over the course of a year. The conclusion of the project needed to be a business recommendation presented to the CEO and the entire senior staff. More

Creating Safety for Hard Talks

How to quiet emotions during hard conversations

Blocks against hard talks

Danielle was reluctant to broach the elephant in the room with her boss, Kerry.

Weeks ago, Kerry had offered her a substantial change in position. The benefits attached to this offer were significant, but there were downsides, too. It would mean leaving her international post, which she adored. And she would have to take on more management functions and have fewer leadership functions. She was torn. More

How Teams Fight

Creating healthy conflict for your team

Conflict is good – except when it’s not

Sirhan was giving me an update about his team. I had coached Sirhan almost two years earlier and we’d stayed in touch.

One major change he’d implemented as a result of our work was a makeover of his team’s meetings. This new way of meeting had generated many effective behaviors. But one area had been bumpy: how team members fought with each other. He was telling me about that now. More

Taming Meetings

Don’t let your meetings be deadly drudgery

“Death by Meeting”

Sirhan’s global management team was relatively new. Since forming just over a year ago, they’d come together three times. I’d facilitated each of the events. Sirhan and I agreed that the team was made up of whip-smart individuals who weren’t yet working together as a leadership team. More

Conquering Fear

One question that can tame any fear.

Verbal porridge

Elizabeth had my full attention.

She and I were in a conference room in Los Angeles. On speakerphone from Chicago was her boss, Joe. The purpose of the conversation was for Joe to talk about his goals for Elizabeth’s coaching. He’d said exactly what we’d expected him to say. More

Building Empathy

Defining empathy vs sympathy and tools to build your capacity.

Bested by her junior

Jillian was frustrated.

“I should be able to handle her better by now,” she groused. “I’ve been dealing with Doris since my first day here and that’s almost ten years. And then I see this, this, I don’t know, this kid just ease her out of one of her moods. Whatever he’s drinking, I want some.” More

Personal Histories as Your Brand

A formula for talking about yourself in a way that’s compelling

“Tell us about yourself!”

Desmond was competing for a senior executive position. We had spent the first several coaching sessions mapping his political landscape. Now we turned our attention to the interview.

“Will everyone in there know you?” I asked. More

Power Tools for Teams: Plus/Delta

A tool for creating high performing teams

Delta ≠ bad

Nathaniel and I were building an agenda for his team’s three-day retreat.

Working with Nathaniel was a blast. He was curious, smart and undefended. He seemed willing to hear anything. Well, almost anything. He wasn’t willing to hear about scheduling concrete activities for the mornings of days two and three. More

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