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Showing Teeth

Making tough decisions, standing behind them and protecting your people all are part of “showing teeth."

A dithering executive

Dena paused over her salad. We had known each other many years. As an HR leader, she had coordinated the coaching engagements I’d done in her division. She’d invited me to lunch to talk about an exec I’d heard a lot about but never met: Richard. More

Engagement & Performance

Getting people engaged isn't magic

A team needing development

Jason looked surprisingly young for someone who’d been with the company almost 20 years. He bounced up to greet me and I wondered if he’d started as a teenager in the mailroom. Now he was the global vice-president of a department. More

Managing Disruptive Executives

Disruptive workers require courage and skill.

A dangerous loose cannon

Phil was a surprising choice to lead a worldwide division. A thin, rather elegant man, he was known to be conflict averse. He was three years into his role, and I wondered how he fared among his peers, all of whom were experienced turf fighters. More

Executive Presenting

Building your executive presence when you present

A strong baseline

During her coaching, Riley and I worked to develop her executive presence. She was a determined learner and had made strides that were already getting noticed. More

A Breakdown of Listening

Exercises to improve your listening skills.

Crossing the conversational bridge

Sergei had told me he wanted our coaching to be a one-man seminar on communication skills. We’d already talked about in sync communications. Now he wanted to learn about listening. More

In Sync Communications

Talk without losing your listeners

Disconnected connections

Sergei attacked the task of becoming a corporate executive the way he attacked anything new: with rigorous scientific curiosity.

An M.D. with two PhDs, Sergei had started a chemical company that a pharmaceutical giant had bought. Now, under contract to that corporation, Sergei was determined to succeed as an executive. It wasn’t always coming easily. More

Executive Gender Bias

Gender bias, sadly, is real. But, like any bias, becoming conscious of it can lessen its impact.

She’s great, but . . .

“Can we talk about Carmen?” asked Paul.

This was only our fourth coaching session. I was enjoying him immensely. Paul was creative director in a global marketing division. He and I had bonded quickly over a shared history of having performed in theatre during our younger days. More

The Narcissistic Executive

How to cope with narcissists in the workplace

Battling uphill

Sean was battling his boss. And he was losing the war.

The first person to talk to me about Sean was Ronit, the HR executive. “In a world that was fair, Sean would win. But he can’t win against Jack. No one can.” More

Coaching Your People

Developing people is not the same as managing their work.

Tough new mandate declared

Jillian’s coaching had been an unexpected triumph. Before the coaching began, her job was in jeopardy. Then, during our six months together, she accomplished a turnaround that astonished everyone—including me. More


Figuring out your status default setting

An unusual request

Madeline told me she had an unusual request. “It’s about Kristi,” she said, smiling.

I adored Kristi, Madeline’s assistant. My coaching relationship with Madeline had been ongoing for several years and Kristi had been there every step of the way. More

Defining Success

Until you define what success will look like, your people are essentially leaderless.

Vague but valuable

Ramesh ran the project management team in his company. In his role, he was exposed to virtually all the executives and their teams. Few people in the company were as visible as Ramesh. Or as well liked. More

Mentoring & Mentors

A crucial aspect of getting ahead.

Networking versus mentoring

Tracy was a captivating coaching client. Blessed with a crackling intellect, she devoured knowledge, jumping into every topic with passion.

One day, I mentioned mentoring. The instant she heard the word, she gave a little snort. “Mentors have never been my thing. But I’m great at networking.” More

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