Presentation Skills Coaching

By the end of this two-day course, participants will…

  • Understand how working on their presentation skills can make them more 
credible and their information more understandable and memorable
  • Gain a well-rounded vision of their strengths and areas for growth as a 
  • Have a concrete plan for developing their presentation delivery skills

Specific skills include:

  • Managing nervousness
  • A template for delivering material memorably
  • Handling questions effectively

ONE GROUP DAY with a Coaching Component* recommended
Maximum participants: 10 (Recommended limit: 8)
Appropriate for anyone needing to make workplace presentations

Delivered by:
Tom Henschel

* Coaching Components are additional days during which each participant receives a private follow-up coaching session.

What people say about Essential Communications Training:

I earned a promotion within one year of attending Tom Henschel’s Presentation Skills Coaching class. I attribute much of my achievement to the systematic application of skills I learned from Tom.

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Torrance, CA