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Christine Grimm

Christine Grimm has 20 years experience helping executives change and grow organizations, while accelerating the execution of organizational priorities and goals. As a practice leader in the area of alignment, she has led major endeavors to merge organizations, blend leadership teams, move dysfunctional, young and emerging organizations forward, and build strategic alignment, ensuring that both individuals and functional groups focus on performance, and move in cadence with other parts of the company.

Christine has led large-scale change initiatives at The Motion Picture Association, T-Mobile, AGICOA (Geneva), Northrup Grumman, Witco Vinyl Additives Group GmbH (Germany), The Children’s Cancer Association, The Office of Homeland Security, The US Environmental Protection Agency, DTS (Digital Theater Systems, Inc.), and many others.

She received her undergraduate degree from Pepperdine University where she also earned a Secondary Teaching Credential for the State of California. She attended graduate programs at University of California, Santa Barbara and is currently the President of the Pepperdine Alumni Leadership Council and an advisory board member for the Institute for Human Resources & Organizational Leadership.

What people say about Essential Communications Team:

Your coaching team has been an important resource for our organization. The tools, techniques and feedback you’ve given us have benefited each member of our senior executive team and accelerated the positive change in our organization.

Jon Kirchner
President & CEO      |     DTS, Inc.