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Mindy Danna

Mindy has over 20 years experience helping individuals and organizations achieve measurable success.

One of Mindy’s core beliefs as a coach is: “To change what you do, you have to change what you think.” That belief, coupled with her deep understanding of adult development and learning, allows Mindy to help clients examine how they view the world and whether those views are helping them or holding them back.

Mindy is also a long-time student of conflict. For those clients who either attract conflict or avoid it, Mindy brings a broad array to tools.

Mindy has a BA in International Relations and an MA in Organization Management with an emphasis in development theory and conflict analysis. She has worked for seven years with at-risk youth and is a mentor for teenage girls in the Los Angeles foster care system.


What people say about Essential Communications Team:

Your coaching team has been an important resource for our organization. The tools, techniques and feedback you’ve given us have benefited each member of our senior executive team and accelerated the positive change in our organization.

Jon Kirchner
President & CEO      |     DTS, Inc.