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Nancy Breuer

Whatever our writing skills, most of us could present ourselves more persuasively if we had some coaching from a professional editor. Nancy is known as an engaging and inspiring coach with a long record of helping professionals at all levels to write more concisely and clearly--and to achieve results.

An accomplished writer and business book editor, Nancy helps writers to engage and fascinate their readers. She has edited best-selling business books by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan Evans, Richard Axelrod, and Bill Treasurer. Her own award-winning business writing spans publications for corporate clients on HIV, insurance and human resource management.

Nancy graduated from Middlebury College and earned her MA in theology and management from Fuller Seminary. She holds a Certificate in Management and Quality Improvement in Multicultural Work Environments from California State University, Fullerton, and is a longstanding member and editor for the American Society for Training and Development-LA.

She teaches business writers to capture readers' attention, buy-in and cooperation by being genuine and conversational, not formal and ponderous. Expect to laugh as we work. This stuff really can be fun.

What people say about Essential Communications Team:

Your coaching team has been an important resource for our organization. The tools, techniques and feedback you’ve given us have benefited each member of our senior executive team and accelerated the positive change in our organization.

Jon Kirchner
President & CEO      |     DTS, Inc.