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Everyones road to success has its own twists and turns. For more than thirty years, weve facilitated challenging conversations, helping individuals and teams overcome roadblocks, fill in potholes and see around curves. Ready to accelerate your journey? We’re ready to help.

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Coaching & Courses

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One-On-One Coaching

Whether you’re a senior executive or solopreneur, your success depends on growing your self-awareness. Coaching helps.

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Team development

Great ideas sprout faster from great teams. Accelerate your team’s performance by letting them grow together.

Corporate leadership

Corporate Leadership Courses

Looking to invest in your high performers and rising stars? Our courses teach skills that are proven to make better leaders. 

Individual Leadership Courses

Individual Leadership Courses

You’re not leading if you’re not learning. Our courses, all taught live by master practitioners, give you practical, actionable tools.

The Look & Sound of Leadership Podcast

Executive Coaching Podcast

Hosted by Tom Henschel

An ongoing, monthly series of executive coaching tips designed to help you be perceived in the workplace the way you want to be perceived. Ranked in the top 1% of all 2M global podcasts!

Customize Your Coaching

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1.   Set Your Goals

During our very first, free conversation, you answer the question: “If the coaching were a fantastic success, what would be different?”

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2.   Design Your Program

Together, based on your goals and budget, we design your personalized professional development experience.

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3.   Build Your Skills

The real work – and rewards – begin here. We address only the issues that will move the needle for you. And we do it in a way that works for you.

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Essential News

The Skills of a Great Manager

The Skills of
a Great Manager

If you have direct reports, this course is for you. Facilitator Susan Smalley created this course to help managers who lie awake at night fretting about people issues. The course begins soon! 

Business Made Simple

Business Made

Best-selling author and business-builder extraordinaire Don Miller interviews our founder, Tom Henschel, on the Business Made Simple podcast. These two seasoned pros share wisdom and laughter here.

Leadership Circle for Women

Leadership Circle
for Women

These Circles have magic in them. Facilitator Susan Smalley has witnessed over and over how the safety of these circles allows women to thrive. The Circle begins soon. 

30 years of the Look & Sound of Leadership

More than thirty years of listening.

Whatever questions you have about leadership training, rest assured, the Essential Communications team wants to hear them. In more than thirty years of executive coaching, training and teaching, we’ve learned that many people share similar concerns about how they’re perceived in the workplace, but each leader learns and grows in their own way. Helping you find your way is one of our superpowers.

Curious? We'd love to talk.

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