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See Tom Live!

The Women’s Career Conference of Pasadena is Saturday, October 28, 2017. Tom Henschel, founder and president of Essential Communications, will be speaking about “Gravitas” right after lunch. The conference has three tracks: one track for mid-career to senior level leaders; one track for early career women; one for people later in their careers. Wherever you are in your career, there’s something for you. And please, come say hi to Tom!

Essential Media

Based in Los Angeles, Essential Communications founder Tom Henschel is sought after by other leadership podcasters for his longevity in the field – podcasting since 2008, coaching since 1990 – and his ability to display The Look & Sound of Leadership. Hear his wide-ranging interviews below.

What people say about Essential Communications Executive Coaching:

I’ve had various coaches in the past, but the relationship and outcome of my work with Tom stands out as a highlight of my career.

Jodi Schilling
V.P., Printing & Personal Systems   |   HP

What people say about Essential Communications Keynotes:

‘Acting On The Corporate Stage’ was perfect for our Leadership Development participants. Everyone is buzzing about your stories and what they took away. You are wonderful, Tom. I wish I could work with you one-on-one myself. Thanks!

Diane Shapiro
Director of People   |   Boeing

What people say about Essential Communications Events:

What an extraordinary event you led with ‘Making Your Gifts Your Brand.’ We have heard such great comments from the participants. As usual, you put your heart and soul into this experience, and what a big heart and illuminating soul you bring to all our events.

Joanne Webb
Director, Career Center   |   The Actors Fund

What people say about Essential Communications Training:

You ‘WOWed’ them with your wonderful style and extraordinary insights. We had our top speakers in the room and that’s not an easy crowd. They’ve been banging at Mary Ellen’s door to bring you back for another workshop this year.

Ken Blanchard
Chief Spiritual Officer   |   The Ken Blanchard Companies

What people say about Essential Communications Executive Coaching Tips:

Whenever I use Tom’s tips and tools, I get great feedback from my senior executives, all while feeling comfortable and confident. In a sea of rambling, unscripted, uptalking podcasters, he’s a breath of fresh air!

u.h. 19
“The Look & Sound of Leadership” subscriber