Unlocking Your Leadership Code

Unlocking Your Leadership Code

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+ 1 hr private session

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Course Description

There are no born leaders, but everyone is born with the ability to become a leader. Imagine if you could maximize your talents and mitigate your weaknesses to be the best leader you could be. Consider what impact you might have if you had access to a tool that accurately identified your core strengths and your gaps, while giving you the confidence to embrace your inner leader. In this program you’ll leverage the Hogan Leadership Assessment in preparation for a personalized coaching session, then join a leadership workshop to build your skills in a supportive environment.

Course Goals

This course will help you:

  • Understand and leverage your leadership personality to improve your performance and success
  • Accurately assess your leadership skills, including your strengths and potential derailers
  • Build strategies to maximize your impact as a leader
  • Identify the strengths and derailers in others, allowing you to build stronger relationships and more effective teams
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