Why Men Are Heard & Women Are Liked


Capitalizing on gender communication differences in the workplace

This entertaining yet practical presentation by Tom Henschel and bestselling author Dr. Lois Frankel illuminates how men and women are wired to communicate differently—and shows how to capitalize on, rather than criticize, these differences.

Going beyond the usual focus on differences in the communication styles of women and men, Frankel and Henschel focus on the communication behaviors employed by highly successful people. They demonstrate how professionals can achieve their goals by using the best communication tactics of both sexes.

"Why Men Are Heard & Women Are Liked" can be provided by Dr. Frankel and Tom Henschel together, or by either one of them depending on your needs and budget. It can also be tailored for a one-day workshop.

Key take-aways include:

  • What contributes to communication differences between women & men
  • How women & men filter each other's messages
  • What men & women value in communication
  • 7 methods for polishing your communications to enhance your career
  • Top 10 tips to neutralize the impact of gender in the workplace
  • . . . and more!

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