One-on-One Coaching

Coaching helps you see yourself in new ways. Develop your strengths and adopt new behaviors through coaching conversations that focus on you. Your path to leadership gets easier with a guide at your side.


Which type of coaching is right for you? Corporate or Individual?

Corporate Coaching

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“My coaching with Tom stands out as a highlight of my career.”

Jodi S.
Vice President, HP

Our executive coaching engagements are always customized.
A "typical" program might follow this path:

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Talk with the leader who will be coached to hear their thoughts about coaching

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Talk with the leader’s boss to establish goals for the coaching

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Administer an anecdotal 360-degree feedback report. See a sample.

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Administer a self-assessment instrument (DiSC, Myers-Briggs, etc.) See samples.

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Meet with the leader and the boss so all parties are aligned to the coaching goals

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Have twelve one-on-one conversations lasting 90 minutes to three hours

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Check in now and then with the boss to track progress

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Availability for real-time coaching by phone or email as needed

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Exit meeting with boss and leader to assess accomplishments

Personal Coaching

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“Tom has a first-class talent for helping me identify patterns that are holding me back while also accentuating those propelling me forward.”

Jay D.
Senior Team Lead
Multinational supermarket chain

We offer affordable, targeted programs for professionals ready to develop their leadership. Your process may vary, but personal coaching typically consists of:

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Intake conversation to establish goals and prime the pump

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Four conversations of one hour each by phone or Zoom

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Ongoing support available via email

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Coaching curious?
Let’s talk.

Looking to add skills to your leadership toolkit? We’ve been giving leaders development tools for thirty years. Schedule a free conversation with our founder, Tom Henschel, today. Challenge yourself. Challenge leads to growth. Make the call.

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