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Leading Offsites

Diagnosing pain

Jimmy was a division president I had coached. Over the years, he’d brought me in to facilitate offsite events with his team. Together we’d created many agendas and provided his group with a lot of different experiences. Now he felt it was time for Shanique, one of his direct reports, to conduct her first offsite. He was wondering how to support her. More

Animating Your Persona

Bigger presence

Melinda called asking if she could pick my brain about a woman she was coaching.

I admired Melinda. She was a powerful consultant and coach. She and I had collaborated often and loved to talk shop.


Managing Bad Behavior

Team out of control

Bryan had been a vice president of consumer product graphics for six years. A gifted artist himself, he led a team of other gifted artists who supplied images that would adorn millions of products around the globe. More

Managing Trauma

Volumes of confusion

Marisol’s organization had rewarded her powerful performance as an individual contributor with the leadership of a small three-person team. They’d also given her a coach to help her begin her leadership journey. More

Taming the Wild Child

“In Your Own Way”

Maxine was going to be a star – if she could just “get out of her own way.” Those were the words on the street about Maxine. They were even her words about herself.

During a coaching session, after she’d spoken the phrase once again, I asked her what it meant for her to “get in her own way.” More

Readiness in coaching

Troubled history. Tough decision.

Darryl supported the decision I was making. We didn’t know what Grace would think of it.

I was withdrawing myself as the coach for one of Grace’s direct reports, a lawyer named Sterling.

Sterling, most agreed, created swirls of difficulty in every endeavor. His constant difficulties had prompted the company to get him coaching. But soon even the coaching had it’s own swirl of difficulties. More

360s: Weapons or Tools?

Battling styles

Jenna had been my coaching client two years earlier. We’d enjoyed each other immensely and done meaningful work. She told people proudly that the coaching had helped her land her current role.

Now, the global non-profit where she worked was rolling out a new 360-degree feedback instrument. She’d been in the pilot cohort and had received her feedback report. She got in touch with me to sort through some questions. More


Responsibilities without authority

Jared was pissed. And he was making no secret of it.

Assigned to a special projects team, he had responsibilities but no authority. He felt he spent all his time pleading with people for resources or work hours. But people had their own jobs and their own responsibilities. They said they wanted to help. They gladly put Jared on their “to do” list. But, with no authority, Jared just had to wait. More

The Sound of Leadership and of Management

Barking management

Reiko and I were exploring the differences between leadership and management. During our conversation, she had wondered whether the two actually sound different.

I said to her, “You seem pretty comfortable in both camps, Reiko. Does your version of leadership sound different from your version of management?” More

Leadership versus Management

Which is which?

Reiko had leapfrogged her colleagues. Now, while still leading her large group of accountants, she was going to become the CFO of a division as well. Her boss, a huge supporter, got her coaching so she could step boldly into her new role while still juggling the old one. More

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