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Using an uncommon blend of storytelling and coaching, Tom Henschel created a unique and influential podcast. Eavesdrop on a monthly coaching conversation and get practical tools you can apply the minute the episode ends..

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Some leaders bully. Some self-aggrandize. Some catastrophize. There are all sorts of ways leaders can be disruptive. In this first of two parts, Tom shares five tools to deal with disrupters.

A leader is fearful of delivering a year-end review to an emotional, defensive direct report. In her coaching, she gains tips for making the feedback conversation a positive one.

Two leaders, needing to conduct focus groups, learn the core concept of non-judgmental facilitation, plus two specific behaviors to help people speak openly.

Setting and holding appropriate boundaries is not a skill most of us learned as kids. But without that ability, our workplaces can crush us. This episode explores ways to build those muscles.

Three leaders need communication boosters. One needs clarity. One needs emotion removed from feedback. The third needs a direct report to take responsibility. Each one gains a tool.

Assertion is healthy. Aggression is not. The two are distinct, with different behaviors and attitudes contributing to each. This episode helps you achieve one and avoid the other.

Workplace politics are not automatically nefarious and underhanded. Politics are really just relationships. This episode shows how to calculate the kind of politics in your workplace.

Two leaders are entrenched in “all-or-nothing” thinking. Their self-created dichotomies make their situations unmanageable. Their coach works with them to create positive opposites.

During a layoff, a leader is plagued by anxieties and worry. He contacts his former coach who shares two stories with him. The images enable him to stay the course with a sense of calm.

Demoralized by his boss’s constant disdain, a leader reaches out for help. In response he receives a comprehensive five-step process that helps guide him through these troubled waters.

When a leader wants to know how to convey bad news to her team without demoralizing them, her coach shares a piece of history and a six-point formula that saves the day.

A leader tries to rein in a loose cannon without much luck, until his coach shares a five-step formula for giving feedback successfully in all sorts of situations.

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