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Using an uncommon blend of storytelling and coaching, Tom Henschel created a unique and influential podcast. Eavesdrop on a monthly coaching conversation and get practical tools you can apply the minute the episode ends..

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Communication Skills

Everyone benefits when emails are efficient. This month’s episode has six time-tested tools for helping email be the best it can be. These are not intuitive, but neither are they terribly taxing.

A leader gets a plum assignment but her co-leader creates endless squabbles. Her coach tells a story about another leader whose co-leader exemplified “generous” and the benefits they reaped.

A leader finds power in developing more than one management style. Two direct reports, each of whom had been challenging, became easier to manage when the leader was able to be more flexible.

A leader, seen as brilliant but blurred, learns a tool called ‘frameworks’ from his coach. This episode explores different ways frameworks can help you communicate with clarity and impact.

A leader works with his coach to develop a way to give feedback to his boss. His coach shares three concrete steps that just might succeed. Those three steps are the core of this episode.

One leader is stuck in what she is certain is ‘truth.’ Another is stuck in stories about people. Another is stuck in old ways of working. This episode provides tools for getting unstuck in all those ways.

After losing her temper with a disruptive direct report, a leader wants to be sure that never happens again. Tom gives her four tools to help her stay balanced and self-managed.

Some leaders bully. Some self-aggrandize. Some catastrophize. There are all sorts of ways leaders can be disruptive. In this first of two parts, Tom shares five tools to deal with disrupters.

Coaching distracted executives gives Tom an image that he brings back to his clients. He identifies three behaviors to use when trying to get the attention of a distracted exec.

A leader is fearful of delivering a year-end review to an emotional, defensive direct report. In her coaching, she gains tips for making the feedback conversation a positive one.

Two leaders, needing to conduct focus groups, learn the core concept of non-judgmental facilitation, plus two specific behaviors to help people speak openly.

Women rightly worry about being diminished in the workplace if they smile too much. Yet smiling makes some people irresistible. This episode explores three different types of smiles.

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