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Using an uncommon blend of storytelling and coaching, Tom Henschel created a unique and influential podcast. Eavesdrop on a monthly coaching conversation and get practical tools you can apply the minute the episode ends..

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Communication Skills

“A full-blown rebellion” was how the leader described her situation to her coach. ‘Change’ became their topic, from a story of cultural transformation to seven tools for communicating.

A leader acquires a new group and is immediately embroiled in a long-standing war. He navigates these difficult waters handily, winning praise from his boss. And from his coach!

“Death by PowerPoint” is an all-too-familiar experience. Break that cycle with the eight tips in this episode to create slides that will engage your listeners and illuminate your content.

Stories render our ideas indelible. But storytelling is a craft, honed over years. This episode teaches two skills to add to your repertoire to help make your stories sticky.

Most of us overestimate our ability to listen. We give advice with the best of intentions but fail to hear the real issue. This episode identifies two behaviors that will up your listening skills.

When styles clash, flexing your style can be an uncomfortable stretch. But heart-deep connections can accelerate through matching. This episode explores the mechanics of matching for rapport.

Three leaders need communication boosters. One needs clarity. One needs emotion removed from feedback. The third needs a direct report to take responsibility. Each one gains a tool.

Apologies are land mines. Too many can diminish your credibility. Too few can damage your relationships. This episode dissects four kinds of apologies and the uses for each.

Can you name an action you perform that is at its peak the very first time you do it? Probably not. But does rehearsing make you stale and stilted? Your rehearsal questions answered!

Do you ever “should” on yourself? “I should’ve said something.” “I should’ve known that.” “Should” makes us feel bad about ourselves. It’s one of three words you “should” never say.

A colleague is a “no drama mama.” When one of her direct reports turns out to be a crier she turns to her coach for tools. She ends up with six actions for dealing with people’s emotions.

A television executive faces open rebellion from his writers. He and his coach explore the possibilities of telling someone “no” and still ending up with them on your side.

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