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Using an uncommon blend of storytelling and coaching, Tom Henschel created a unique and influential podcast. Eavesdrop on a monthly coaching conversation and get practical tools you can apply the minute the episode ends.

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Developing New Behaviors

Workplace politics are not automatically nefarious and underhanded. Politics are really just relationships. This episode shows how to calculate the kind of politics in your workplace.

This episode contains the most transformative communication tool you can adopt. Want to sound executive? Smart? Compelling? Memorable? Learn to sort and label your material.

Two leaders are entrenched in “all-or-nothing” thinking. Their self-created dichotomies make their situations unmanageable. Their coach works with them to create positive opposites.

During a layoff, a leader is plagued by anxieties and worry. He contacts his former coach who shares two stories with him. The images enable him to stay the course with a sense of calm.

Two different leaders are both struggling to maintain focus in high-pressure situations. Their coach shares a story of his own struggles with distraction and the imagery that calmed him.

A division president seeks relief from nervousness. Her coach gives her a thought exercise that unlocks an expansive sense of herself. That same exercise is here for you.

Your personal issues impact you. That’s only human. Addressing them with a coach or a therapist is an act of personal courage. Here are ways to help you decide the right path for you.

A leader tells his coach he hates the coaching. He feels more self-conscious and less effective. But he sticks with it, discovering that learning through trial and error can have surprising benefits.

A leader tells her coach she wants to be not just good, but terrific. Together they explore the essential element leaders must display if they want to exude charisma: connection with others.

Having learned as a child that “the nail sticking up gets pounded down,” Arianna rarely advocated for herself. But when a new role opens up, she’s eager to learn how to ask for what she wants.

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