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Using an uncommon blend of storytelling and coaching, Tom Henschel created a unique and influential podcast. Eavesdrop on a monthly coaching conversation and get practical tools you can apply the minute the episode ends..

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A leader, striving to overcome his natural barriers to receiving feedback, learns that there are actually three distinct kinds of feedback. He discovers that the categories make feedback feel less personal.

A disruptive executive, working to shrink his blind spots, must learn to overcome his natural barriers against receiving feedback. His coach lays out two inevitable barriers and possible work-arounds.

A leader feels the team would benefit if her boss could change some behaviors. She and her coach discuss a three-step model for a learning conversation that might achieve the desired result.

Although a leader hates watching herself on video, she asks her coach to give her video feedback. The coach eagerly shows her just how powerful a development tool video can be.

Two executive coaches tackle questions from readers. One is from a manager who never gets a day off and worries he’s too nice. The other is from an employee who wants better feedback.

A vice president, struggling to control his team of artists, learns a technique from his coach for managing bad behavior. He likes it so much, he uses it with his high performers, too.

A former client reaches out to her coach, seeking his help in deciphering a 360-degree feedback report she received. Their coaching conversation covers the ways 360s help and hurt.

The leader of a high performing team uses a tool called “Plus/Delta” regularly with his team. This episode explores the hows and whys of using this powerful tool with your team.

A division president must manage a leader widely known to be a loose cannon. Being conflict averse, the president gets help from his coach who shares five ideas for dealing with the disruptor.

With a promotion on the line for one of his direct reports, a leader favors the female candidate but worries about gender bias. He asks his coach for tips on how to keep the playing field level.

In his coaching, a leader asks for help from his coach with a problem performer. Together they discuss five actions that can help lay the groundwork for possible termination.

A leader rejects his team’s feedback about him. He and his coach explore whose ‘reality’ is valid. The conversation yields three tools that can help leaders see themselves as others see them.

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