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Using an uncommon blend of storytelling and coaching, Tom Henschel created a unique and influential podcast. Eavesdrop on a monthly coaching conversation and get practical tools you can apply the minute the episode ends.

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For Women

A team agrees: their weekly staff meetings are inefficient and a waste of everyone’s time. The team leader and his coach discuss ways to make all team meetings robust and valuable.

“Ducking and dodging” is how a leader experiences herself when the pressure’s on. In a courageous coaching conversation, she and her coach discuss the nature of fear and how to manage it.

With a promotion on the line for one of his direct reports, a leader favors the female candidate but worries about gender bias. He asks his coach for tips on how to keep the playing field level.

A leader’s assistant suffers from feeling as though she has little-to-no status. Raised in the South, she is particularly sensitive to issues of status. With a coach, she discovers ways to raise hers.

A crackling-smart leader disdains mentors, although she says she loves to network. Exploring her resistance, her coach begins a conversation about methods to make a mentor relationship meaningful.

A leader misses another promotion and is determined he won’t miss the next one. With his coach, he explores four actions to take, plus a way of thinking that will allow him to improve his odds.

After a promotion to senior vice-president, a leader is reporting to a division president she doesn’t know. She and her coach craft four guidelines for managing up successfully plus one cardinal rule.

A senior executive wants to get a direct report promoted. She and her coach discuss concrete behaviors the direct report can exhibit in order to build his brand and achieve his promotion.

A leader knows she’d benefit from being bolder. But being bold feels inauthentic. Looking from many angles, she and her coach explore the thorny idea of how to grow and also be authentic.

A leader rejects his team’s feedback about him. He and his coach explore whose ‘reality’ is valid. The conversation yields three tools that can help leaders see themselves as others see them.

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