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Using an uncommon blend of storytelling and coaching, Tom Henschel created a unique and influential podcast. Eavesdrop on a monthly coaching conversation and get practical tools you can apply the minute the episode ends.

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For Women

After a promotion to senior vice-president, a leader is reporting to a division president she doesn’t know. She and her coach craft four guidelines for managing up successfully plus one cardinal rule.

A senior executive wants to get a direct report promoted. She and her coach discuss concrete behaviors the direct report can exhibit in order to build his brand and achieve his promotion.

A leader knows she’d benefit from being bolder. But being bold feels inauthentic. Looking from many angles, she and her coach explore the thorny idea of how to grow and also be authentic.

A leader rejects his team’s feedback about him. He and his coach explore whose ‘reality’ is valid. The conversation yields three tools that can help leaders see themselves as others see them.

Two different leaders have trouble speaking up when the stakes are high. They each hear a story from their coaching about a man who learned a deep and powerful lesson about speaking his truth.

A well-liked leader suffers an emotional blow from a direct report. She’s thrown badly off balance. Working with her coach to regain her footing, she explores gravitas, what fosters it and endangers it.

A leader gets feedback she’s “high maintenance” but rejects that label. She and her coach explore four behaviors that can make leaders “high maintenance” as well as actions to counterbalance each.

Four leaders, wildly different in their styles, must work together to guide a task force. Using the DiSC Behavioral Self-Assessment, they build on their strengths to leverage their differences.

Growing as a leader demands that you learn new behaviors. In this episode, a leader learns the four-step process all of us must pass through in order to create long-lasting, meaningful change.

A leader, seen as brilliant but blurred, learns a tool called ‘frameworks’ from his coach. This episode explores different ways frameworks can help you communicate with clarity and impact.

The two factors in the title are at the heart of leadership development. Want to advance? You must build muscle in these two areas. This episode gives examples and tools to grow in both.

One leader is stuck in what she is certain is ‘truth.’ Another is stuck in stories about people. Another is stuck in old ways of working. This episode provides tools for getting unstuck in all those ways.

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