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Using an uncommon blend of storytelling and coaching, Tom Henschel created a unique and influential podcast. Eavesdrop on a monthly coaching conversation and get practical tools you can apply the minute the episode ends.

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Managing Up

A leader feels the team would benefit if her boss could change some behaviors. She and her coach discuss a three-step model for a learning conversation that might achieve the desired result.

Two executive coaches tackle questions from readers. One is from a manager who never gets a day off and worries he’s too nice. The other is from an employee who wants better feedback.

Asked if he ever experienced productive one-on-ones, a leader says, “Once, long ago.” In conversation with his coach, he explores how to make one-on-ones valuable for his direct reports.

A leader is so triggered by his self-absorbed boss, he is considering quitting the company. He asks his coach for help managing himself and disarming his triggers.

After a promotion to senior vice-president, a leader is reporting to a division president she doesn’t know. She and her coach craft four guidelines for managing up successfully plus one cardinal rule.

A leader works with his coach to develop a way to give feedback to his boss. His coach shares three concrete steps that just might succeed. Those three steps are the core of this episode.

When styles clash, flexing your style can be an uncomfortable stretch. But heart-deep connections can accelerate through matching. This episode explores the mechanics of matching for rapport.

Three leaders need communication boosters. One needs clarity. One needs emotion removed from feedback. The third needs a direct report to take responsibility. Each one gains a tool.

Apologies are land mines. Too many can diminish your credibility. Too few can damage your relationships. This episode dissects four kinds of apologies and the uses for each.

Two different leaders each react out of proportion to the actual situations confronting them. Why? They’re triggered by situations from another time in their lives. Gain control over your past.

Can you name an action you perform that is at its peak the very first time you do it? Probably not. But does rehearsing make you stale and stilted? Your rehearsal questions answered!

Do you ever “should” on yourself? “I should’ve said something.” “I should’ve known that.” “Should” makes us feel bad about ourselves. It’s one of three words you “should” never say.

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