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Using an uncommon blend of storytelling and coaching, Tom Henschel created a unique and influential podcast. Eavesdrop on a monthly coaching conversation and get practical tools you can apply the minute the episode ends..

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Managing Up

A leader’s new boss comes down on him hard, sending him reeling. His coach helps him reframe the boss’s feedback and teaches specific behaviors to help him handle it all productively.

A leader learns that her self-diminishment is completely within her control. She receives a tool from her coach to value her worth that, over time, will replace her self-diminishing chatter.

A former coaching client now wants coaching for his direct report. Ironically, both coaching engagements ended up being about managing their bosses! In this episode, tools galore for managing up.

Intellectually we know people are different from us. But in our hearts we often think “They should know better” or “How hard can this be?” This episode helps us consider how others may see us.

You deserve to have your hard-won personal growth and professional development recognized, but all too often, that doesn’t happen. These concrete suggestions can help people step back and notice your growth.

Four concrete suggestions to elevate your communications to an altitude that will sound executive. Stretching your ability to think higher is crucial if you want to achieve the look & sound of leadership.

Engaging in a feedback conversation that yields valuable insights is not intuitive for most of us. This five-part model gives you tools you can use tomorrow immediately to help you boost your career.

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