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Using an uncommon blend of storytelling and coaching, Tom Henschel created a unique and influential podcast. Eavesdrop on a monthly coaching conversation and get practical tools you can apply the minute the episode ends.

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Perception - How You Perceive Others

A no-nonsense leader is asked to add coaching to her list of duties. She turns to the coach who coached her for a quick immersion course. 

A leader, generally pleased with her team, has one direct report who simply rubs her the wrong way. Her coach frames the difference as one of style and gives her a ‘Style Script’ to enhance the relationship.

Two different leaders each strive to not take things in the workplace personally. But they can’t help it. With their coach, they find ways to build more strength to resist taking things personally.

A coach refuses a coaching assignment and must explain his reasoning to the chief legal officer. The coach comes to the meeting with a model showing who he thinks is and is not coachable.

A leader, frustrated by her boss’s uncontained nature, is amazed when a junior employee handles the boss with finesse. The leader seeks help from her coach to unlock the secret.

With a promotion on the line for one of his direct reports, a leader favors the female candidate but worries about gender bias. He asks his coach for tips on how to keep the playing field level.

A leader is so triggered by his self-absorbed boss, he is considering quitting the company. He asks his coach for help managing himself and disarming his triggers.

A senior executive wants to get a direct report promoted. She and her coach discuss concrete behaviors the direct report can exhibit in order to build his brand and achieve his promotion.

A leader realizes she’s been unintentionally creating a negative impression. She and her coach explore ways to repair the damage and even win people over to becoming devoted followers.

Four leaders, wildly different in their styles, must work together to guide a task force. Using the DiSC Behavioral Self-Assessment, they build on their strengths to leverage their differences.

One leader must decide whether his people display the company’s values. Another feels in conflict over values with a direct report. This episode proposes different approaches to elevating values in the workplace.

Some leaders bully. Some self-aggrandize. Some catastrophize. There are all sorts of ways leaders can be disruptive. In this first of two parts, Tom shares five tools to deal with disrupters.

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