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Using an uncommon blend of storytelling and coaching, Tom Henschel created a unique and influential podcast. Eavesdrop on a monthly coaching conversation and get practical tools you can apply the minute the episode ends.

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Social Skills

A leader with traditional leanings worries to his coach that creating personal connections will violate boundaries. He further worries that he’s just not very good at making personal connections.

A senior VP has trouble understanding her new CEO. In discussions with her coach, she discovers the CEO is perhaps a verbal processor. She learns the tool of sorting while listening.

A leader’s team tells him they understand him but results later prove otherwise. In conversation with his coach, the leader explores how he may unwittingly contribute to a poor outcome.

People have feelings about issues in the workplace and in their lives. Unless those feelings have vent, issues can often fester and escalate. Two coaches discuss ways to help leaders manage their feelings.

Four leaders, wildly different in their styles, must work together to guide a task force. Using the DiSC Behavioral Self-Assessment, they build on their strengths to leverage their differences.

Two executives live on opposite sides of the results-relationships continuum. Both are far enough from the centerline to be out of balance. What about you? How well-balanced are you?

Two leaders, needing to conduct focus groups, learn the core concept of non-judgmental facilitation, plus two specific behaviors to help people speak openly.

Setting and holding appropriate boundaries is not a skill most of us learned as kids. But without that ability, our workplaces can crush us. This episode explores ways to build those muscles.

Most of us overestimate our ability to listen. We give advice with the best of intentions but fail to hear the real issue. This episode identifies two behaviors that will up your listening skills.

Change creates stress. Stress can manifest physically, emotionally or mentally. As a leader, you may find the person most in need of your compassion during the stress of change is yourself.

Workplace politics are not automatically nefarious and underhanded. Politics are really just relationships. This episode shows how to calculate the kind of politics in your workplace.

Networking lasts an entire career. Those who master it transition more easily from job to job. This episode details four “Golden Rules” of networking plus links to a document with ten.

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