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Using an uncommon blend of storytelling and coaching, Tom Henschel created a unique and influential podcast. Eavesdrop on a monthly coaching conversation and get practical tools you can apply the minute the episode ends..

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A leader is told she is destined to become a star in the organization – if she can get out of her own way. Knowing that her fears often derail her, she and her coach explore how to tame the terrors.

A coach refuses a coaching assignment and must explain his reasoning to the chief legal officer. The coach comes to the meeting with a model showing who he thinks is and is not coachable.

A former client reaches out to her coach, seeking his help in deciphering a 360-degree feedback report she received. Their coaching conversation covers the ways 360s help and hurt.

Assigned to a special projects team, a leader has no apparent leverage to get the help he needs from various constituencies. He and his coach discuss three ideas to build his influence.

Building on ideas they’d discussed about the differences between ‘leadership’ and ‘management,’ a leader explores with her coach how she might verbalize those skill sets distinctly.

After her boss appears to conflate the two, a leader and her coach explore whether there are really any differences between ‘leadership’ and ‘management.’ They find there are!

A leader dives deeper into the “Conflict House” metaphor she learned from her coach. Using herself and her husband as models, she explores how to have productive, healthy conflict.

Fed up with two bickering direct reports, a leader discusses the nature of conflict with her coach. The analogy is so powerful for her, she decides she wants to try it at home.

Asked if he ever experienced productive one-on-ones, a leader says, “Once, long ago.” In conversation with his coach, he explores how to make one-on-ones valuable for his direct reports.

Each of us at work has a role. And all our colleagues, clients and customers are our audience. We are truly actors on a corporate stage. This episode explores how to make the impression you want.

A group who must deliver “TED-like” talks at their annual global all-hands meeting ask their coach to help them think about how to actually get up in front of people and deliver their presentations.

A CEO tells eight division heads they must deliver a “TED-like” talk at the annual global meeting. With their coach they discuss how to rehearse, whether to memorize and more.

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