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Using an uncommon blend of storytelling and coaching, Tom Henschel created a unique and influential podcast. Eavesdrop on a monthly coaching conversation and get practical tools you can apply the minute the episode ends..

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A leader learns she’ll get her promotion to VP if she can exhibit “executive presence.” The company gives her a coach who teaches a three-step process to help her achieve her goals.

A leader is ashamed of hurtful words she spoke to a colleague. Later, with her coach, she explores what happened and learns six techniques for keeping herself from future emotional hijacks.

Three young executives know they’re going to get peppered with questions from their leadership during an upcoming presentation. Their coach helps them prep so they can shine under scrutiny.

A leader wants to have a hard conversation with her boss but knows how much he hates that kind of talk. With her coach, she explores ways to make hard conversations safe.

After two team members verbally attack each other personally, the team leader challenges his coach who’d once said, “Conflict is good.” Together they discuss productive conflict.

A team agrees: their weekly staff meetings are inefficient and a waste of everyone’s time. The team leader and his coach discuss ways to make all team meetings robust and valuable.

“Ducking and dodging” is how a leader experiences herself when the pressure’s on. In a courageous coaching conversation, she and her coach discuss the nature of fear and how to manage it.

A leader, frustrated by her boss’s uncontained nature, is amazed when a junior employee handles the boss with finesse. The leader seeks help from her coach to unlock the secret.

In this bonus episode, host Tom Henschel shares email exchanges he had with listeners about handling repeated interrupters and about defining ill-defined tasks and responsibilities.

Competing for a senior executive role, a leader preps with his coach for the interviews he’ll face. They discuss how compelling personal stories are and how to use them to build a personal brand.

The leader of a high performing team uses a tool called “Plus/Delta” regularly with his team. This episode explores the hows and whys of using this powerful tool with your team.

Having displayed physical anger during a meeting, a leader seeks help from his coach. Mindfulness hardly seems the answer – at least as the leader has defined it. The coach gives a new definition.

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