Holding Boundaries

Provoking war Mandalit and I had tackled an idea that unsettled her: setting boundaries. She was a life-long “good girl” who, despite her success in business, often struggled to advocate for herself.

How to Set Boundaries

“Why can’t I speak up?” Mandalit felt like a victim of her own success. The leaders at her company moved her wherever a team was under-performing. She’d become known as someone willing to do whatever was asked of her – a loyal team player, good at her work and uncomplaining.

Two Paths to Flow

Losing his touch Patricio came to me with a worry. He’d been holding this worry in the back of his mind for a long time, but a recent incident pushed it forward.

How to Grow Your Self-Management

Self-management and emotions Chin Sun and I were discussing the discipline of self-awareness. During our coaching conversation I said people high in self-awareness are able to get their emotions working for them instead of against them.

Psychological Safety

Made to feel stupid Amit was telling me about an upcoming presentation. His boss, Regina, a member of the senior leadership team had asked Amit to present the results of an initiative his team had been working on. Amit was preparing to do battle.

Ask The Coaches – May 2019

This month’s coaching conversation is between Tom Henschel and Mindy Danna who answer questions from our audience. Tom and Mindy have grown up together professionally. He runs Essential Communications where Mindy is a coach. She also works with the cutting-edge global consulting firm Cultivating Leadership.

NOTE: This transcript was heavily edited to fit this format. The unedited conversation can be heard on the podcast.

Managing Former Peers

The downside of promotion Neal had been competing for a promotion and had gotten it at last. Sharing the news with me during one of our coaching sessions, he wasn’t all that happy. “Look what’s about to happen,” he said. He gave me a knowing look and said, “Olga. And Ashraf. I’m going to have …

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Managing Bad Behavior

Team out of control Bryan had been a vice president of consumer product graphics for six years. A gifted artist himself, he led a team of other gifted artists who supplied images that would adorn millions of products around the globe.

Readiness in coaching

Troubled history. Tough decision. Darryl supported the decision I was making. We didn’t know what Grace would think of it. I was withdrawing myself as the coach for one of Grace’s direct reports, a lawyer named Sterling. Sterling, most agreed, created swirls of difficulty in every endeavor. His constant difficulties had prompted the company to …

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The Voice of Authority

Authority and need Sandra was worried about her authority. As an individual contributor she’d been a standout; now she was going to lead a team, and she wanted to be a great team leader. She was grateful for the opportunity to discuss her worries with a coach. Authority was our topic of the day.

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