Communication Skills

Sounding Executive

Bruce, the local head of IT for a worldwide organization, was giving me feedback about two managers he wanted to groom for promotion. Here’s what he said about the first manager. “She’s great with her group. And she’s a creative thinker. But when she reports to me she goes on forever and piles on all

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Creating Clarity

Five Quick Tips for Creating Clarity The Big Idea: Speak Simple. As leaders we often feel the need to impress our listeners. We want to sound expert. Unfortunately, the impulse to impress often results in behaviors that are the opposite of The Look & Sound of Leadership™. Pay particular attention to the following tips if

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Compelling Openings

A Director at a global software company got promoted to Senior Director. His group was expanding from six to 28 people. The day before his kick-off meeting I asked, “What’s the first thing you’re going to say to your new team tomorrow?” In reply, he rambled a kindly but out-of-focus sentiment of welcome. A huge

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