Developing New Behaviors

Finding a Lighter Path

A Vicious Cycle Samir was stuck in an unhealthy cycle. Over the course of several years, I’d delivered a number of 360-degree feedback reports to him and his partners at their architecture firm. ‘Every report of Samir’s, including this current one, reflected the same good news-bad news portrait. On the one hand, people idolized Samir. […]

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Giving voice Jesse looked awful. He’d entered today’s coaching session looking miserable. His color was slightly gray. The sacks under his eyes were bulging. He dropped into a chair in our meeting room. We sat in silence a long time. He wasn’t suffering. He was puzzling. Finally, as if arguing with himself, he said, “But

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In Sync Communications

Disconnected connections Sergei attacked the task of becoming a corporate executive the way he attacked anything new: with rigorous scientific curiosity. An M.D. with two PhDs, Sergei had started a chemical company that a pharmaceutical giant had bought. Now, under contract to that corporation, Sergei was determined to succeed as an executive. It wasn’t always

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Your Goodwill Bank Account

A young exec in trouble I hadn’t heard from Caroline since her coaching ended several years before. I had loved coaching Caroline. Her high self-esteem allowed her to examine her thoughts and behaviors without defensiveness. During the coaching, she’d accomplished significant growth and had been rewarded with a promotion. Now she was calling about Avi,

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