Unblocking Feedback

Shrinking your blind spot Martin was disruptive. There was a long history of complaints against him. After the most recent grievance meeting, he was “given” a coach: me. The fact that people were upset with him was something Martin knew the way a reckless driver, seeing chaos in his rearview mirror, wonders how all THAT […]

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The Rising Executive

Teams at risk Rafael was two months into running the largest team of his career. He wasn’t certain, but he sensed the CEO was about to pit his new team against another team. If that happened, one team’s business would win out over the other’s. No jobs would be lost, but years of work would

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The Talky Executive

Flooded by words Renée didn’t like to complain. A senior vice-president in the finance division of her bank, Renée had an orderly mind, a tidy office and a positive outlook. Even when managing problem performers, she exuded kindness and warmth. ‘Sunny’ and ‘optimistic’ were words from her 360-degree feedback report.

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Managing Former Peers

The downside of promotion Neal had been competing for a promotion and had gotten it at last. Sharing the news with me during one of our coaching sessions, he wasn’t all that happy. “Look what’s about to happen,” he said. He gave me a knowing look and said, “Olga. And Ashraf. I’m going to have

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Leading Offsites

Diagnosing pain Jimmy was a division president I had coached. Over the years, he’d brought me in to facilitate offsite events with his team. Together we’d created many agendas and provided his group with a lot of different experiences. Now he felt it was time for Shanique, one of his direct reports, to conduct her

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Dynamic One-on-Ones

Balancing tasks and relationships Bennett was a Brit working in Kuwait. He was enjoying living overseas and found the work to be a healthy stretch. He led a team of four and reported to a guy named Sabah who Bennett said was terrific. During our video-link coaching conversations, Bennett and I had spent a lot

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Prepping Like A TED Talker

Committing time Dorothy was two years into her role as CEO of a global business services company. She wanted this year’s global management meeting to be engaging and lively. She told her division heads they all needed to talk about their divisions as if they were giving TED Talks. Each person’s eighteen minutes needed to

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