Managing Yourself

Staying on Track

“I often feel unequal when I go into meetings,” Cheryl said. As Vice President of Consumer Products at a Hollywood studio, Cheryl was getting feedback that when she spoke she was hard to follow and appeared scattered in her thinking.“Tell me more about feeling unequal,” I said. She told me about meeting with the division’s […]

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Remembering Names

“I never remember people’s names!” I’ve heard this lament from six different people in the last month alone. If this is a struggle of yours, here are five actions that will put you on a path to success. First, adopt the belief Dale Carnegie wrote about in the granddaddy of all self-help books, How To

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Managing Nervousness

Of fifteen division presidents at a worldwide entertainment conglomerate, Marla is one of only two females. She’s always been a nervous speaker but presenting at her first president’s meeting took her to new heights (or depths!) of nervousness. Everyone swiveled towards her as she stood at the end of the long, polished conference table and

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Listen without an Agenda

At 31, with her MBA under her belt, Patricia was doing well. In the male-dominated world of warehouse management, she was a team leader doing systems installations. She also had some challenges. She was barely 5’4″ and looked like a high school cheerleader. “People always call me ‘perky’ and I hate it,” she said. “That’s

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Leading with Your Heart

William is President of International Finance for a worldwide financial organization. He was proud to tell me he’d been invited by his alma mater to give the keynote address at a prestigious Alumni Career Forum. While brainstorming ideas for the speech, William said he’d like to talk about a professor who’d had a profound impact

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Managing Your Strengths

A Ph.D. scientist was given the leadership of a global research team. He’d built his career on his superior intellect and he rightly saw this assignment as a reward for his many scientific contributions. Within a year he was removed from the position because he’d damaged so many relationships with people on his team. A

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