Perception – How You Perceive Yourself

The Executive Impostor

Agonized high performer Anna knew her pattern, but she couldn’t stop it. Anna was a young executive of amazing achievements. She had created a brand within a multi-million dollar company. She had just thought it up. Along the way, between conception and execution, at every possible roadblock, people said yes to her.

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Taming the Wild Child

“In Your Own Way” Maxine was going to be a star – if she could just “get out of her own way.” Those were the words on the street about Maxine. They were even her words about herself. During a coaching session, after she’d spoken the phrase once again, I asked her what it meant

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Self-Limiting Beliefs

Unpacking beliefs “She just won’t speak up,” Julie said. “I’ve been giving her the feedback, Tom. I promise you, I have. But she says things like, ‘I don’t want to step over a line,’ or ‘I don’t want to make a big deal of it,’ whatever the ‘it’ of the moment is.”

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