Perception – How You’re Perceived


Responsibilities without authority Jared was pissed. And he was making no secret of it. Assigned to a special projects team, he had responsibilities but no authority. He felt he spent all his time pleading with people for resources or work hours. But people had their own jobs and their own responsibilities. They said they wanted […]

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Prepping Like A TED Talker

Committing time Dorothy was two years into her role as CEO of a global business services company. She wanted this year’s global management meeting to be engaging and lively. She told her division heads they all needed to talk about their divisions as if they were giving TED Talks. Each person’s eighteen minutes needed to

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Short Sounds Confident

Changing your broadcast channel Kevin was proud of having been an engineer. Now that he was a corporate vice-president, he saw his technical background as a major asset. His colleagues disagreed. “Shut him up!” someone wrote in the feedback report I’d created for him. While that was the bluntest comment in the report, it was

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Under Executive Questioning

The danger in questions Carla, Nathan and Lester were part of a leadership development cohort. These three high-potential employees, who had never worked together before, had to co-manage a joint project over the course of a year. The conclusion of the project needed to be a business recommendation presented to the CEO and the entire

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High-Stakes Meetings

Charlotte over the horizon Charlotte had been the president of a consumer goods company for just over a year. Her appointment had been a surprise because she had no experience in the consumer goods sector. Once installed, she’d ruffled feathers by being relentless about revenue and tough on people. In the sixteen months she’d been

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Showing Teeth

A dithering executive Dena paused over her salad. We had known each other many years. As an HR leader, she had coordinated the coaching engagements I’d done in her division. She’d invited me to lunch to talk about an exec I’d heard a lot about but never met: Richard.

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