Relationship Building

Tough Conversations

Wielding intelligence as a weapon Martin’s coaching was triggered when a peer named Maribel filed a complaint filed against him. As a result of our first coaching conversation, he’d gone back to Maribel and asked for more feedback. One message Martin heard loudly from her was, “You make me feel stupid.”

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The Executive Executive

Building an executive Courtney, an old friend and fellow executive coach, was exploring an interesting topic with one of her clients, a woman named Divya. During their coaching conversations, Divya had wondered what it actually meant to be executive. She wondered, if you took away her company’s culture and quirks, what traits do great executives

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Style Conversations

Confrontation anxiety Estifania was thirty days into leading a large division of scientists and doctors. We were discussing her direct reports. In general, she seemed pleased. “Except for Michael,” she said. “He’s already pressuring me to re-organize the division. Ha! I barely know where the bathroom is! As if I’m ready to think about a

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Personal Connections

Danger in connections Amit was uneasy. He had read article after article saying that, during the pandemic, managers need to connect with their people now more than ever. The articles were urging managers to ask about people’s lives, show interest in them, not just as workers, but as people, to create personal connections.

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Agreeable Disagreement

“Your baby’s ugly!” Marshall, a television executive, was facing open rebellion from the writers he supervised. Marshall had been supervising television a long time and was completely comfortable stopping conversations with a forceful “No!” The writers viewed Marshall as harsh and uncaring.

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The Talky Executive

Flooded by words Renée didn’t like to complain. A senior vice-president in the finance division of her bank, Renée had an orderly mind, a tidy office and a positive outlook. Even when managing problem performers, she exuded kindness and warmth. ‘Sunny’ and ‘optimistic’ were words from her 360-degree feedback report.

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Inviting Dialogue

“Is that clear?” Arlen worried he wasn’t making his points clearly with his direct reports. When I asked him to tell me more, he said, “I’m always asking them, ‘Is that clear?’ and they say yes. But later, it becomes obvious it wasn’t clear at all. I don’t know how much is me and how

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