Relationship Building

Building Trust

A client recently asked if I knew any consultants with a particular expertise. A woman named Jenette leapt to mind. She was a perfect match. But I didn’t refer her. Here’s why. I’d run into Jenette a few months earlier. We sat down to chat. As always, Jenette was engaging, entertaining and articulate. She told

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Smoothing Harsh Edges

When the same word crops up over and over in someone’s feedback report, it’s arresting. The one word that cropped up repeatedly for Ahmad was “abrasive.” I understood why. Ahmad was absolute. “That was the best training ever,” he said about a seminar he attended. “She’s the best assistant in the whole company,” he said

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Negative Self-Talk

Have you seen “Groundhog Day?” This classic movie stars Bill Murray as a man who wakes up each day condemned to relive, moment by moment, the day he lived yesterday. No matter what he does to create a new experience, everyone around him behaves in their same, predictable way. I have a “Groundhog Day” moment

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Remembering Names

“I never remember people’s names!” I’ve heard this lament from six different people in the last month alone. If this is a struggle of yours, here are five actions that will put you on a path to success. First, adopt the belief Dale Carnegie wrote about in the granddaddy of all self-help books, How To

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Listen without an Agenda

At 31, with her MBA under her belt, Patricia was doing well. In the male-dominated world of warehouse management, she was a team leader doing systems installations. She also had some challenges. She was barely 5’4″ and looked like a high school cheerleader. “People always call me ‘perky’ and I hate it,” she said. “That’s

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Getting Good Feedback

Michael is an industry leader. He has owned his own companies and been a Chief Officer twice. He’s now a division president at what he says is the best company he’s ever worked for. And his CEO just gave him a piece of feedback which shook him deeply. “I’ve been leading companies for over fifteen

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