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Essential Tools

An open archive of the various resources you’ve heard about on the podcast. Dig in and help yourself to whatever supports your development.

Sorting & Labeling

An essential tool for anyone who wants to communicate with clarity and memorability.

Mindfulness Resources

Different paths to help guide you towards the benefits of increased mindfulness.

Johari Window

A tool for individuals and teams to begin seeing into their blind spots.

Feeling Words Grid

A must-have tool for building emotional intelligence and emotional literacy.

Factors for High-Performing Teams

A model for high performing teams adapted from Amy Edmondson at Harvard Business School.

10 Rules of Networking

Use these rules to shift networking from a dreaded burden to a beneficial project.

Building Self-Awareness

Two exercises and one resource to help create awareness of your thoughts and feelings.

Readiness In Coaching

Coaching is not right for every leader. This model will help you decide whether a leader is likely to benefit from working with a coach.


We identify the three core elements every story demands. Plus we share tips for how to make your stories soar.

Conscious Competence

Whether learning to tie our shoes, lead a meeting, or motivate others, our brains must follow this sequence.

Building Self-Management

Strengthen your self-management muscles with the two exercises detailed here.

Before Writing Your Presentation

A checklist to chart the path your presentation will take.

Six Books for Growth

Personal growth is a must for leaders, requiring an ability to work on your development as you would on any project.

Behaviors of Effective Listeners

These five modes of listening, plus sentence stems, will elevate your listening.

Coaching Your People

When you want to help develop your people, use this four-part model to help you be a better coach.

Personal and Professional Needs/Values

A fundamental inventory to help prioritize the qualities you want to embed in your work life and at home.

Drawing Together

Help discover hidden knowledge, feelings, attitudes, and patterns using this non-verbal group exercise.

TED Talks

A high-level guide through Chris Anderson’s TED Talks book. Anderson is president and curator of TED.

7 Steps to Stop Emotional Hijacks

Identify triggers that throw you off your game and gain mastery over your hijacks.

Answer Questions Powerfully

Two templates to help you deliver dynamic answers to every question you’ll ever be asked.

Trust & Self Orientation

Trust has three components and one land mine. Here’s your map for navigating to success.

Political Style

This model shows political climates on one axis and preferred styles on the other so you can find your best fit.

Video Review Checklist

Lucky enough to have video of yourself to review? This guide will turn viewing it into a positive growth experience.

Feedback Model

Feedback is a gift - except when it is a minefield. This four-step model will keep things safe.

4 Factors Executives Need to be Effective

What "must have" qualities does every leader need? Here are four picks that'll boost you into the top tier.

Responsibility Chart

A chart to help team members get clarity about "who does what". A core team tool.

Executive Thinking

Senior execs want leaders below them to display one core competency: Executive Thinking.

The Ladder of Inference

A guide to help you take actions in your best interest.

How to Gain Perspective

Break cycles of negative automatic thinking with this four-square model based on The ACT Matrix.

Leadership v Management

Which skills do you need to draw on in particular situations? This is your guide for success.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

This model helps you plan your EQ development. Each quadrant has simple, powerful exercises.

Managing Defensive Employees

Innoculate yourself against infection from defensive employees with these practical tools.

The Conflict Resolution Wheel

Conflicts upset us. The conflict Wheel provides structure, calms your thinking, & supports faster, better resolution.

Gradients of Agreement

This tool helps teams take their temperature during decision making. A great tool for team leaders.

Giving Upward Feedback

Does your boss want to be managed by you? Really? Use these tools to get yourself heard.

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