Every Leader Tells a Story: Building Trust Through Narrative

Every Leader Tells a Story: Building Trust Through Narrative

Number of Session:


Session Duration:

60 - 90 MINUTES

course J.B. Adams

Course Description

When leaders connect with others on a human level, their communication becomes more influential and they are more likely to develop a loyal following from colleagues and employees. Yet some leaders struggle to find this human connection and they continue to rely on more top-down/impersonal forms of communication. By recognizing how their own identities contribute to the organizational identity, leaders can use storytelling as a tool to expand their influence, create a more cohesive culture, and achieve organizational goals.

Course Goals

By completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the reasons for using storytelling as an organizational
    communication tool
  • Describe the components of organizational identity and articulate those components for your own organization
  • Identify the parts of an effective story and analyze the construction of any story
  • Review story templates to select the appropriate type of story for a specific circumstance
  • Incorporate organizational identity into the stories you prepare and deliver
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