Every team is unique. When planning events and off-sites, we help leaders define goals that will benefit their teams at that moment of development. Once the goals are clear, we design and deliver unique events that will achieve those goals.

During the event, we shape our facilitation to meet the team’s style and needs. At Essential Communications, we’ve been honing our facilitation skills for decades. We know that leading a team event is an art. Whether the event is two hours or three days, we keep people engaged, drive learning deep, and keep our eyes on getting the team across the goal line.

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On a sound stage in Burbank, CA, Essential Communications founder Tom Henschel delivers “Making Your Gifts Your Brand,” a large-scale event for The Actors Fund.

Photography Aaron Mischel / Pixel Planet

Off-Sites & Team Development

Some teams need to build trust. Some need to create accountability. Some need to be able to have difficult conversations. Whatever your team’s current needs, we’ve probably helped other teams achieve it.

Large-Scale Events

When divisions come together, they often want to have some fun – and learn something while they’re at it. Fun and learning: two of our specialties! We design and deliver highly interactive events that give large groups a boost of energy as well as meaningful take-aways.

Facilitated Learning

When individuals from a team or large group experience the same thing at the same time, it can resonate for years. We have a broad range of communication tools that have been crafted for team and large-scale learning. We know these tools are powerful; we’ve been using them in our coaching for decades. When delivered to an entire team or group, their impact multiplies.

Contact us and let us help you envision an event for your team or division that exceeds what you’ve done before.

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