Executive Coaching

"With Tom's help, I have become a more effective communicator, have been able to clearly define and get adoption of my group's strategy / vision, and develop a more personal and authentic leadership style."

Fortune 500 CPG Company

"I’ve had various coaches in the past, but the relationship and outcome of my work with Tom stands out as a highlight of my career.”

Jodi Schilling
V.P., Printing & Personal Systems

"Your coaching team has been an important resource for our organization. The tools, techniques and feedback you've given us have benefited each member of our senior executive team and have accelerated the positive change in our organization."

Jon Kirchner
President & CEO
DTS, Inc.

"Tom is a true partner in our firm’s quest to develop our talent globally. His engaging personal style, sage insights and awareness of firm culture make him a sought-after resource in our dynamic, complex environment."

Suzette Ramirez-Carr
Managing Director, Human Resources
Oaktree Capital Management

"The techniques you brought, enabling me to improve, were invaluable. You have a 'tool kit' loaded with tools to address many different needs and styles. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to achieve excellence in his or her personal communication style."

Gene Schutt
President & CEO
Citi Financial Mortgage Company

"Your personal coaching on how to become a better communicator was incredibly valuable to me. Your advice was specific, relevant, and structured in a way that made it easy for me to put it into practice. And, even better, you made the whole experience fun! I'd highly recommend you to my colleagues and to my team.”

Mark Lohmeyer
Vice President
Server Management Product Group

"I was one of those ‘I don’t need an executive coach’ kind of guys. But thanks to your insight and training, I have improved many of my weak areas and am better than ever with my strengths.”

Bill Neighbors
DTS Digital Cinema

“Tom is a wonderful leadership teacher and coach. When I first took his Essential Communications class I was so impressed that I made it a mandatory requirement for the entire division. Tom also coached me for about a year. It was a spectacular time of growth for me. Tom made it easy to understand the traits I needed to work on and also pointed out traits that were highly effective. Tom provided a nice mix of positive comments/ideas/thoughts along with giving me homework to help me grow. Without hesitation, I would hire Tom again, either as a coach or a teacher.”

John Mecklenburg
Senior Vice President
Credit Resolution Group
First Citizens Bank & Trust Company

"I wanted to pass along my thanks and appreciation for your assistance over the past year. I believe, as we discussed last week, that much of my professional growth these past 12 months has been due to a healthy partnership of your coaching and advice with my internal drive for continuous improvement. I could not have progressed without your help, and, of course, truly appreciate your input and guidance."

"I will miss our conversations but do look forward to connecting with you in the future as new questions and topics come to mind."

Anish Prasad
Senior Vice President, Change Management
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.

“Tom is a highly perceptive and skilled communicator. He accurately observes interactions, intuitively recognizing both what motivates individuals and barriers that may get in their way. His approach to gathering information and providing feedback creates a supportive environment conducive to change. He is warm, engaging and generally a delight to work with. Without hesitation, I would recommend Tom to anyone who wants to realize his or her potential to be a highly effective leader.”

Tom Manheim
Communications Director
Major California City

"Your in-depth, personalized instruction on effective communications was invaluable. Even more important than the structured lessons were both the feedback and strategies you gave me in support of my endeavors. Thanks for the great work!"

Wendell Farrell
Vice President
Johnson & Higgins

"I believe I have become a better leader, a much better listener, a more forceful presence in meetings and a more confident speaker with better organization, delivery and presence. I strongly endorse Essential Communications as a valuable tool for busy executives seeking increased ability to communicate effectively."

Mark Schimbor
President, U.S. Finance
Avco Financial Services

"You have a terrific ability to help me clarify my own thinking about the issues that need to be communicated. During rehearsals, I know your feedback to me will be simple, direct and valuable.

"I most appreciate that no matter how many suggestions you make or how many drafts you write, you only seem to care about creating the best final product. That attitude really helps us all do our best work."

Bill Ashton
Vice President, Sales

"After my speech, people told me it was my best one yet. A lot of the credit goes to you for all the hard work you did with me. I can't say whether or not your coaching contributed to my being re-elected, but I sure know it didn't hurt!"

Day Higuchi
United Teachers Los Angeles

"Our first session together really changed the entire way I approach presentations . . . Your work with me certainly improved my ability to be more energized and animated. Thanks again for your help."

Mel Masuda
Ernst & Young, LLP

"Thanks for your excellent contribution to my last show! In a matter of weeks, you took a nervous, self-conscious non-professional and turned her into somebody who could really come across on television . . . No kidding, we could never have done the show without your help."

Jim McNamara
Producer / Director
McNamara & Associates

"Thanks to you, I now have four specific goals on which to focus. They each feel concrete and attainable . . . While there might be other communication coaches who could have made these observations, very few could have provided me with what you did: on-target, practical ideas and action steps I need to become a more powerful presenter. Bravo, maestro! You really know your craft."

Len Lipton
National Speakers Association

Keynote Speaking

Tom spoke at Manatt’s annual client Summit. He was a smash hit. According to attendees, Tom’s was the “best session of the day”, and “could have listened to him for an entire seminar”. We were thrilled to have someone as knowledgeable, entertaining and informative as Tom highlight our conference.

Timi Anyon Hallem
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

What an extraordinary event you led with “Making Your Gifts Your Brand.” We have heard such great comments from the participants. As usual, you put your heart and soul into this experience, and what a big heart and illuminating soul you bring to all our events.

Joanne Webb
Director, Career Center
The Actors Fund

“Tom, your presentation last night was awesome. Folks like the simplicity of it, the quick applicability of it, and the opportunity to practice with colleagues. The fact that our guest (“father of coaching in Europe”) complimented you was impressive!

It was great to see how engaged people were in the final exercise. They didn't want to stop. We're good at engaging our people, but this was special.

Thanks sooo much.”

Lori Heffelfinger
Program Chair
Professional Coaches, Mentors & Advisors
Los Angeles Chapter

“Thank you so much for being an integral part of WomenLead. As always, your message was simultaneously entertaining, inspirational and educational for our guests. I have heard nothing but raves about your keynote, ‘Acting on the Corporate Stage.’ I plan to find many more opportunities to partner with you on future conferences.”

Dr. Lois Frankel
Author of
See Jane Lead &
Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office

" 'Acting On The Corporate Stage' was perfect for our Leadership Development participants. Everyone is buzzing about your stories and what they took away.

"You are wonderful, Tom. I wish I could work with you one-on-one myself. Thanks!"

Diane Shapiro
Director of People

"Your gifts are giving people valuable, practical ideas they can use right away while being entertaining and warm."

Tom Redwitz
President, Laing Luxury
A Division of John Laing Homes

"You had just the right energy, background, resources, and tools. You captivated the audience."

Kristine Pacifico
Manager, Recruitment Programs
Warner Bros. Entertainment

"Before you spoke, the hallways were filled with, 'Tom Henschel's a phenomenal speaker. He's always great. Are you going?' After you spoke, the word was, 'Were you there? Tom was terrific!'

"Here's another testament to your success. We scheduled you in a room for fifty people. Seventy-five showed up. Those extra people had to stand the entire time two-deep around the walls and not one of them left!"

Karen Hanes
Program Chair
ASTD Training Conference


"I wanted to let you know what a fabulous job I thought you did in your skill building workshop. As you know, we had many of our top speakers in the room and that's not an easy crowd."

I was so pleased how you 'WOWed' them with your wonderful style and extraordinary insights. Even the short time I was in the room I was able to see how valuable the day was for each of us. Our speakers have been banging at Mary Ellen's door to bring you back for another workshop this year. Margie and I are clearing our calendars so we too can take advantage of your obvious gifts in helping to improve communication and presentation skills."

Ken Blanchard
Chief Spiritual Officer
The Ken Blanchard Companies

"Tom Henschel is pretty amazing. I had the great opportunity to work with him on an executive communication program. He not only helped with the development, he also delivered the program.

The two days I spent with Tom in the program were engaging from beginning to end. I don't recall feeling bored; in fact, at the end of each day I felt energized. I suspect the participants felt the same way. I thought it was great at the time, but now that more time has passed and I have had a number of other experiences to compare it to, I think it's rather exceptional. And it was Tom who made the difference.

Not only does he care about the content and helping participants apply it, he also understands the psychology of getting and keeping the attention of his audience. If you’ve spent considerable time with training facilitators, you know that this is a pretty rare talent."

J.B. Adams
Adams Learning, Inc.

"I earned a promotion within one year of attending Tom Henschel's Presentation Skills Coaching class. I attribute much of my achievement to the systematic application of skills I learned from Tom. Thanks to Tom, I was able to combine my performance accomplishments with a new ability: projecting a more "managerial" style in an authentic way. Tom displayed a unique ability to identify and effectively communicate "that one thing" I needed to work on regarding others' experience of me as a professional. Thank you, Tom!"

Toyota National Headquarters
Torrance, CA

“Do what you can to see Tom Henschel in action. Tom delivers on his promise of high impact. Whether he’s engaging participants in a memorable way in a workshop setting or in coaching conversations, you’ll always benefit from his skill and knowledge. When seeking my own professional development, Tom Henschel is at the top of my list, because I know in any experience with Tom I will walk away as a better leader, trainer and coach. And with a little laughter, too! My advice is to get to the front of the line to work with Tom, although you’ll have to fight me for that spot!

Lynnette Ward
Career Management Consultant
Right Management

“I hired Tom to conduct Presentation Skills workshops when I worked at Transamerica and Manhattan Associates. Tom consistently received rave reviews from all participants. His candor and tact always made it easy for people to receive feedback from him on how to improve their skills.”

Laurie Genevish
Performance Strategist
Genevish Consulting

"I was concerned about these particular participants. They're all so seasoned as presenters and have had so much training and development in this area.

"But I needn't have worried. They're STILL raving about the course.

"I think what made the difference is your ability to give each of them powerful information about themselves as presenters. Your coaching tips had so much value. I watched you zero in on seemingly small things which I know will make a huge difference in their impact in the future."

Jennifer Conlin
Senior Training Analyst
Federal Reserve Bank

"While I know people find it difficult to place a hard currency value on communications training, one single technique applied at a client presentation last week may have saved us more than the program fees. . . . Thanks for the great work."

Colin Walsh
Axiom Management Consulting

"I was incredibly impressed with the material, presentation and facilitator. This is one of the most meaningful seminars I have attended in some time. Thank you!"

Anonymous Participant (Senior HR Leader)
"The Look & Sound of Leadership" course
Citigroup, Dallas

"The most informative professional training I have attended."

Anonymous Participant
"Presentation Skills Coaching" course
Manhattan Associates, Atlanta


Of all the podcasts I listen to, this is my favorite. They are most beneficial, short and to the point, offering many helpful pointers in each podcast. I take more notes in these than any other podcast.

Podcast listener

After sorting through dozens of other supposed leadership podcasts, I finally found one worth listening to. Thanks, Tom!

Podcast Listener

When I moved to management from a technical role, I devoured books and tried to get my hands on any material that would help me become a better letter. These podcasts by far the most helpful to me and also my team. During my !;! with my team members, I have played these podcasts to coach them behaviors that they wanted to master or weaknesses they wanted to overcome.

I cannot thank Tom enough for these podcasts over these years. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Podcast listener

I relish tapping into Tom’s insightful coaching tips and techniques. They’re immediately useful to me. Tom’s crisp, no-nonsense delivery complements both the message and the medium perfectly. Check out this podcast. You won’t regret it.

-- bruce
Podcast listener

Wow! That is the first word that comes to mind. These podcasts are simple, concise, witty, helpful and completely brilliant. I refer to them frequently. Tom is gifted in his ability to boil things down into headlines. These headlines are what makes the podcasts so essential—you can immediately apply the learnings to daily work interactions.

Runway Roadkill
Podcast Listener

Tom Henschel packs precious jewels of wisdom in these mesmerizing brief messages. I have listened to almost all of them and have found something to apply in each. In fact, usually his message strikes at the heart of an issue that has personal application or would be excellent to share with a colleague. And this for free. Incredible!

Podcast listener

I had planned to listen to the podcasts during my fitness walks, but I quickly found out just how good these were and decided on another approach. I play them on the airplane when traveling while taking copious notes. These tips are so well done, I feel like just listening is insufficient. By taking notes I feel like I’m better able to learn the material and to more quickly attain the look and sound of leadership. At this point I almost feel as if Tom and I are old friends. Thanks, friend.

Podcast Listener

This is a fantastic series of leadership and management tips. I am hooked and recommend the podcast to my reports, as well as my children.

Podcast listener

"This is the best career podcast out there. Don't just subscribe—look for old episodes as well."

Podcast Listener

"This podcast is superb. Full of great tips for improving your leadership ability and interacting with your team."

On the road55
Podcast Listener

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