Thinking Errors

“She should have known better!” Jodi was a people-centered leader. She based her decision making on her values. Depending on the situation, her values might align with the consumer or the company, with the employee or the corporation. People didn’t view her as inconsistent, rather they experienced her as a weather vane continuously pointing in

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The Focused Executive

Fear and flurries Erin admitted to being freaked out. And she was angry with herself that she was. Erin was going to be a featured speaker at her company’s upcoming user conference. This yearly event stretched over three days and attracted thousands of people from around the globe. Erin’s topic and time slot were prime.

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The Executive Impostor

Agonized high performer Anna knew her pattern, but she couldn’t stop it. Anna was a young executive of amazing achievements. She had created a brand within a multi-million dollar company. She had just thought it up. Along the way, between conception and execution, at every possible roadblock, people said yes to her.

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Taming the Wild Child

“In Your Own Way” Maxine was going to be a star – if she could just “get out of her own way.” Those were the words on the street about Maxine. They were even her words about herself. During a coaching session, after she’d spoken the phrase once again, I asked her what it meant

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