Perception – How You’re Perceived

The Democratic Leader

Promotion prompts worry Shalawn was chief medical officer at a regional clinic. Her clinic, along with seven others, had been bought by a national corporation and unified into a network. The corporate owners had taken notice of Shalawn and were promoting her to chief medical officer for the entire region. All eight medical officers at

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Connecting Over Video

Video exposure Greta was beaming. In the middle of our Zoom coaching conversation, her 10-year-old daughter had come in asking for something. They had spoken in German (Greta lived in Switzerland). I had no idea what they had said, but the exchange had been sweet to watch. Greta had rubbed the girl’s cheek affectionately as

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Branding Yourself

Fascinating snapshots Ailsa was pursuing a promotion to vice-president. Part of her campaign was lunching with the current VPs who, one day soon, she hoped, would become her peers. Their support was important. During our coaching conversations, she decided that, at lunch, she would not be the one to bring up her promotion. If they

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Becoming Expert

Reluctant star Riley said one day, “I don’t know how to voice my accomplishments.” Before our coaching had begun, Janice, Riley’s boss, made it clear she supported Riley a hundred-and-ten percent. Janice experienced Riley as honest, open, diligent, thorough and accurate. But she felt Riley needed a bigger presence. Janice’s goal for the coaching was

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Managing Former Peers

The downside of promotion Neal had been competing for a promotion and had gotten it at last. Sharing the news with me during one of our coaching sessions, he wasn’t all that happy. “Look what’s about to happen,” he said. He gave me a knowing look and said, “Olga. And Ashraf. I’m going to have

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